8 Ways to Prevent Your Adsense Account Banned in 2020

8 Ways to Prevent Your Adsense Account

Google Adsense is one of the most popular and trusted ads networks that allows bloggers to monetize their blog through ads. Google Adsense Account comes with strict rules that users must follow or otherwise your Google AdSense Account Banned will take place.

Most of the Popular Indian Bloggers and Bloggers from other parts of the world trust on Google Adsense to earn some fast passive income.

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In this article, I am sharing with you detailed information about Preventive majors taken to safe Google AdSense Account Banned. It is helpful for beginners and intermediate bloggers.

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Preventive Major took for getting From AdSense Account Banned

Don’t Click Your Own Ads

No matter how desperate you are to make money online from Adsense Ads, don’t ever click your own ads. Google Algorithms are smart enough to determine that the clicks have originated from the same IP address. Even if you mask your IP address using a VPN software Google will still track your account.

Avoid Begging For Clicks

Asking your Friends and Family members or scam people into clicking your ads. According to Google it is unethical for you to beg for clicks on your ads. Google keeps track of the clicks done from all over the internet.

Although Google permits you to use Sponsored ads for your ads, it does allow you to add click elements such as “Click Here” or “Click below” message on the ads or any parts of your contents. This shows you are very desperate for ads to click.

Don’t Change the AdSense Code

Google permits users to change the look and feel of your ads. If you want to change the size and colour which suits your blog. For those changes, AdSense generates a new javascript code, which you need to paste to your HTML.

However, Google’s AdSense program policy strictly forbids users from changing the AdSense code to illegally boost ad performance or even ruin advertiser conversions. Hence, users must never tweak the code from their web page editing program or by hand.

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Know a Blog’s Language

The language of the blog could be a factor in getting your AdSense account banned. This is important because some AdSense users publish articles on unsupported language blogs. Placing the AdSense code in a blog in an unsupported language is forbidden by Google AdSense’s program policies.

If you translate an unsupported language blog into supported language, this will also be considered a violation to Google.

Avoid Invalid Clicks

Just because you are not generating user interest, it doesn’t mean that you use secret methods to inflate ad clicks. Some of these methods involve using automated impression and click generating tools, repeated manual clicks and impressions.

Other than that, you shouldn’t also trade clicks with other Google AdSense users or use pay-per-clicking schemes.

Don’t Use Forbidden Content

Bloggers cannot place Google AdSense ads on web pages that violate Google’s content guidelines. This includes content that is violent, adult or permits racial discrimination among others, as written on the Content Policies page.

No Copyrighted or Gambling Content

AdSense users cannot display their Google ads on pages containing copyrighted content unless they have the necessary legal rights for it.

Other than certain countries, Google AdSense restricts users for placing ads on gambling sites or on content related to gambling. This includes content that encourages other users to place bets or play games for money.

Paid Traffic

It’s one thing to earn traffic for your Google AdSense-enabled blogs, but using paid traffic is very unethical, not to mention account-banning practice.

Hence, if you want to promote your AdSense blogs fairly, you should do it on Facebook, Reddit and StumbleUpon because then it wouldn’t be considered a violation.


If you are Google Adsense User, you must have the patience to attract your audience with your ads. Therefore, follow the steps provided above to prevent your Google Adsense Account Banned. If you think I have missed any point in this article, then let me know in the comments sections.

I hope, we have made you understand to major to prevent your Google Adsense Account Banned. If you still need any help, ask us in the comments. I will be glad that I can answer your questions. Please Share this Article with your Family and Friends, it will help them to earn money from online.

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