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Hostgator India is an extension service for Hostgator Hosting (U.S) to give localized experience to Indian Webmasters. Hostgator India helps Indian Webmasters in two ways.

  • You pay to host Bill in Local Currency
  • Your website is hosted on Indian Server, which means your site will load faster in India.

Hostgator is Popular, most stable and well-known brand for Web hosting. They have very secure and super fast servers which will never let your site go down. With the very affordable Web Hosting plans, you can host your site on stable and safe servers.

If you are looking for the best web hosting in affordable amount then I would recommend Hostgator as your first Web Hosting service provider. Hostgator have multiple plans which will help you to select hosting plan in your budget.

I would recommend Hostgator India hosting only when you are planning to drive traffic from the Indian Region only. But If you are targeting traffic from the USA then it not Good for Google Adsense then you should opt for Hostgator USA or Bluehost USA. Moreover, these days you can use CDN which helps to lower down the difference of server location.

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Hostgator India Coupon

Before I share an exclusive Hostgator India Discount Coupon, here are few things to know about them.

  • They offer various hosting plans which include shared hosting, VPS Hosting and Dedicated server.
  • Their servers are located in different locations of the Country: Maharashtra and Hyderabad.
  • You get 24*7 tech support which you can get online or over the phone.

Rest the major difference between Hostgator U.S and India is; location of the server. If you are looking for a Hosting server based in India, Hostgator India is a good option.

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