How To Upload and Install WordPress Theme

Install WordPress Themes

Want to know How to upload and Install WordPress theme?

We are expanding our WordPress manual to offer you a full guide to the installation of the WordPress theme. WordPress topics can be deployed from Dashboard or FTP software like WordPress plugin installation. Before we move forward, we’ll offer you the guide to both techniques & I’d like you to read the following guide to assist you to get began with WordPress.

Before we move forward with this guide, here are some of the resources from which to download themes for WordPress. Although there are many Free WordPress Theme available, if you want to set up a professional blog on WordPress, I always look for a premium theme.

Though you might want to install WordPress locally and test your WP theme before you make your site live with a fresh theme.

For starters, when we install WordPress, we get Stock WordPress theme by default which is currently twenty-nineteen. You can always use WP dashboard to search theme from the WordPress free Theme directory, or you can download file for the theme and upload it directly using any of the two techniques provided below.

Installation of WordPress Theme from WordPress Dashboard

By now, I suppose that from the official reputed sites you have downloaded WordPress theme. Usually, most premium theme site gives themes in. Zip format that can be used straight from the dashboard to install WP theme. So let’s suppose you uploaded the theme file in. Zip format and you’d like to install it on your self-hosted WordPress blog.

  • Login to your WordPress dashboard
  • Navigate to Appearance> Themes > Add new

Click on Upload theme. & then Browse/Upload the downloaded WordPress theme file in.Zip format.

Once you click on Install now, your theme will be uploaded and will be installed on your server. On the next screen, you will see an option to activate the theme like this:

Before you activate the theme, you can preview your site with a new design by clicking on Preview. At times, the preview might not give the exact preview and will show some error, it usually happens. So, if it’s not your live site, you can activate and see the theme live on your site.

Upload WordPress Theme from FTP

I prefer this one technique when installing various theme or editing theme. FTP technique is helpful when it is not possible to install theme and plugins from the dashboard on your server safety. Some mistake had taken place when installing themes from the dashboard. In addition, the FTP method can be considered as a manual installation of the WordPress theme.

You need FTP software such as FileZilla or your cPanel should give FTP access from the Cpanel to get began with the FTP technique to install the theme. Besides FTP, to unpack the .zip file, you need software such as WinRAR. Download FileZilla

We extract the theme in the FTP technique and upload it straight to the folder of your theme. WordPress topics folder is situated in your WordPress directory’s WP-content folder.

Unpacking the theme

As I stated earlier, most of the theme club pack the theme in the .zip format as WordPress supports .zip compression. So, you have to unzip the theme folder. If no such software is installed, download and installs the free WinRAR version from the official website. Once the theme has been installed, right-click on the .zip folder and unzip.

Now login to your FTP manager and locate to wp-content/Themes folder or your WordPress installation and upload the unzipped folder directly. So in case, I will directly upload Unzipped folder to my server.

That’s it, and now your theme is uploaded on your server. Now it’s time to preview and activate the theme.

How to delete/uninstall WordPress themes

So we’ve learned how to install WordPress theme right now. Now, the time has come to remove the unused theme from WordPress. Similar to the setup of WordPress theme, there are two methods to remove the WordPress theme.

You can browse to Appearance > Themes and click Delete to remove any theme. I recommend that you never immediately delete your live theme. First, switch to another theme and then delete the current theme.

You can also login to your FTP Manager and locate to wp-content/Themes and delete the theme which you would like to delete. Personally, I find the Dashboard method is the best way to get rid of unused themes.

Note: If you are switching from an existing WordPress theme whose SEO features you are using, don’t forget to export and import it to your new theme.


I hope, we have made you understood to How to Install WordPress Theme. If you still need any help, ask us in the comments. I will glad that I can answer your Questions. Please Share this Article with your family and Friends, it will help them to earn money from online.

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