What is a WordPress Plugins?

What is a WordPress Plugins

If you’re new to WordPress, you might wonder, “What is a WordPress Plugin?”. It’s a relatively popular question to ask because, besides being one of the many fresh concepts that WordPress will introduce to your vocabulary, plugins are also an important building block for each WordPress site.

We will answer the question in this entry, “What is a WordPress plugin?”.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

In essence, a WordPress plugin is a bit of code that “plugs” into your self-hosted WordPress site. That implies, in human terms, a WordPress plugin is something that adds fresh features to your WordPress site or expands current features on your site.

One of WordPress’s advantages is that entrepreneurial designers have written tens of thousands of WordPress plugins you can add to your site.

Plugins can do anything from tiny tweaks to huge website modifications. Some plugins, for instance, can even transform your WordPress site into a fully functioning eCommerce shop, social network, or forum or they can add characteristics as small as an Instagram feed. Some plugins in WordPress do not even have front-facing impacts. For instance, in search engines such as Google, you can install plugins to enhance the efficiency of your site or assist it to rank better.

I want to let you know, with the WordPress plugin you can get whatever functionality want on your sites.

How does WordPress Plugin Work?

But usually, if you want to begin using WordPress plugins on your site, you’ll need to:

  • Find a WordPress Plugin that you are interested in.
  • Install this plugin on your WordPress site.
  • Configure the plugin from your WordPress dashboard.

Where to Find WordPress Plugins

Depending on whether you want free or premium plugins, you can discover WordPress plugins in a few separate locations.

You can install and use the plugin with free plugins without charging anything, although certain characteristics are sometimes disabled unless you pay money.

On the other side, it is obvious that premium plugins cost money, but as a consequence, they often deliver better features.

Here are some of the best places to find WordPress plugins:

  • WordPress.org – the official WordPress plugin directory and one of the best places to find free WordPress plugins.
  • Code Canyon – a large directory of exclusively premium WordPress plugins.
  • Third-party developers – plenty of developers only sell plugins through their own sites, so using Google is often a good way to find plugins.

You can also search the WordPress.org plugin directory directly from your WordPress dashboard by going to Plugins → Add New.

Before installing WordPress plugins, what to consider

Because installing a WordPress plugin entails adding third-party code to your WordPress site, you need to be careful about which plugins you install.

The wrong plugin could:

  • Cause an error on your site
  • Open an unintentional vulnerability that hurts your WordPress site’s security
  • Slow down your site
  • Intentionally introduce malicious code

To avoid these problems:

  • Try to use plugins from reputable developers or directories (like WordPress.org or Code Canyon)
  • Read reviews and check how popular a plugin is before installing it
  • Check for the last time a plugin was updated to make sure it’s still maintained

While this approach isn’t foolproof, it goes a long way to ensuring you only install quality WordPress plugins.


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